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09 August 2005


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I just wanted every part of it to be its own book. Why couldn't that happen?


I especially liked the Sonmi story. And the Cavendish one. And the Ewing one. And the composer. I need to track down Mitchell's other books now. Read them?


I think I liked Somni the best. And then I saw THE ISLAND and kept thinking about both at the same time. And then my head exploded.

I have not read his other books, but I am reading THE BROTHERS K (I've decided not to underline or italicize titles anymore; using capitals instead) which is so freaking great but too big to take to work, so it's going slowly. But you should read it, since you work at the library and that's where the big books live.


I'll have to, since I'm trying to read more of the classics. I want to read Anna Kari-whatsit, too, but I can't read it yet--too close to Oprah.

(But since I define classic pretty loosely, I'm going to count Hell's Angels as a classic. Well, I will when I finally get around to reading it).

Sonmi was my favorite, too. (Read Never Let Me Go!! Go now!! Do it!!) But Cavendish really won me over when he said that his TV hadn't worked "since the day George Bush II stole the throne". It was such a great line.

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