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02 August 2005


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glad to hear you liked In Our Time. That's my favorite Hemmingway. (well, that and To Have and Have Not) But i love the connections between the stories, i like the little inter-chapter snippets.
I agree that The End of Something is a gorgeous story. And Soldier's Home rocks too. I wish I had something more to say about the collection, because it's amazing, and much lesss boring than a lot of his other stuff, i think. (i've never been able to make it through The Sun Also Rises)


I was thinking of reading A Farewell to Arms next. (Not my next book--my next Hemingway). Either that or more short stories. But, yeah... "The End of Something" was perfect.


The Secret Agent is my favorite Conrad novel, which is saying a lot. Is the new Ibbottsen good? I've been dying to read it and waiting for p.b.


I like it so far. Give it a try at stinkin' B&N. I got your letter, by the way. (!!!!!)


Apropos of pretty much nothing, have you read any Forster? A Passge to India? I saw the movie for the first time recently, found it troubling and am debating reading the book.


Yesterday my brother compared me to Hemingway. I forget why.


I had to read Passage to India in college, but I only vaguely remember it. I was crazy for the movie version of Howard's End, though. I cried my brains out.


I really liked the movie version of Remains of the Day. Not Forster, but another of the Merchant Ivory movies. I loved Room with a View. So cute. :)

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