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02 September 2005


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I've been avoiding this book. I knew I wanted to read it, but when there are so many lovely stories on the shelves, it can be hard to dive into the ugly, naked truth of Mr. Frey's experiences. I like the idea of reading them backwards. If I know things work out kind of okay, I might be better able to plod along through the horrors.


It's harsh. But there are wonderful moments, too. Funny bits, but also moments of amazing compassion.


It sounds like an amazing book.

Oh-oh. Another tome to add to my always-growing books -to-be-read pile!


Sounds like "Dry" but with more pain. And crime.


And less laughs.

sonny anders

I couldn't get past the first 5 pages of this self-indulgent tome. I read a great review by a John Dolan that one might want to look over before they waste their time and money on Oprah's "new discovery".


I think that if I'd heard about it through Oprah first, my knee-jerk snobbery would have made me much more critical of the book. (If I even picked it up. As much as I respect the woman for getting people to read, the "O" sticker does have a tendancy to turn me off.)

Since I stumbled across it B.O., I really enjoyed it.

Katie Alice

Hey, i read this book, in what i think was the riginal coverm the broken glass bottle?
Anyways it really touched me and i totally connected with it.
It just reminded me of myself (lilly) and my boyfriend at the time, he was a total junkie and i had black hair and really blue eyes, and joined him sometimes.
I was so upset when i read that lilly died i felt like i was feeling all of James' pain.
It was the best book i've ever read and will ever read.
Thankyou James Fray x


Soo.... I'm reading your book. I really, really, really like it so far!
have one question though, alot of people say it isn't true.
And, did you marry Lilly?
Or, what happened to her?

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