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26 September 2005


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I wonder how they feel about the original Song of Solomon. You know, the "pornographic" one in the Bible.


Remember Eliza Gilkeson? And her whole bit about the 'Song of Solomon'?

C. Crutcher is coming to Maine! Look.


In my opinion, parents who want intelligent kids who think for themselves, give them tough books and then talk about the issues with their children. Oh, but wait. Then the parents have to read a book, too. Darn. Yup. They're right, much easier to ban the book so someone else's kids don't have the chance.


Neat-o! I've been listening to Gilkyson's Paradise Hotel a lot lately, "Man of God" is a hoot, my favorite lines, "homophobes in the high command, waiting for the Rapture like it's Disneyland."

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