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27 September 2005


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Admittedly, I don't believe I'd ever heard of Chris Crutcher before your last few posts about him. After reading that essay, I'd like to be president of his fan club. Thanks for all that you do to bring information about censorship out in the open. I made it my mission to see for myself and share what I've learned, but what you are doing is so much better. Thanks for that.


You loooove him. You looooooooooooove Chris Crutcher.

But then again, I do too.


Ditto what Lauren said; it's probably all your fault but I've been on a "the other C.C." jag. Jesus, could Whale Talk BE a better book?

The answer is no, if you're wondering jmfausti.


Edited to add. Oh, Jeez. What an in-your-face, so generous, so respectful (to other authors--who deserve it), to the point statement. No wonder he's a real author.

Dear Mr. Crutcher,
As thousands of kids from the early years of the sexual revolution have thanked Judy Blume for helping them to figure some heavy stuff out, so we, from the age of the abuse revolution, thank you.


C.C. is right, jmfausti. Whale Talk should not be missed. And thanks.

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