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09 September 2005


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I admit though, I don't know how the website isn't copyright infringement. Leila, you might want to ask at your library, but all the searching I've done (because I wanted to do this on my own anyway, before I found this nifty site) implies that both the Dewey system and the LoC system are copywritten and you can't get access to the tools to use them without paying their fees.

But it's really cool!


Hmmm. I didn't mean to suggest that this thing isn't super-cool or that they should be shut down. I just remember searching online for resources to catalogue my own collection and kept running up against the copyright thing which I thought was weird.

Sorry, just sort of read my comment and it seemed a little harsh.


I had a look at the site and I really like the idea. You have the option to keep your library private if you want to plus it's free to catalog up to 200 books! I think I will make use of this site. Thanks for sharing.


Hi. To clear one thing up: The Dewey system was invented in 1876. I'm not sure when the LC system was invented, but both the system and the application of the system to a given book are products of the US Government. All federal documents and certainly all 129-year old documents are in the public domain.

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