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22 September 2005


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Dear Chris Crutcher,

In the wake of your recently cancelled speaking engagement and the fact that you probably got your travellin' shoes on, why don't you come on over to NY and we can hang out? Thanks,

Lauren K


Yeah. If you go to New York, I'll come down from Maine--it'll be a Monkey reunion just for you, Chris Crutcher! Wouldn't that be fun!?

Sincerely, Leila

Kelly Milner Halls

Actually, Chris will be in New York AND Maine in the not too distant future. And it's really neat that Bookshelves of Doom follows censorship so closely. I love reading the blog, shipping the links off to CC so he can wonder at your wisdom, too. You're so great. Just wanted to take a second to say so.


Kelly Milner Halls


He's still speaking in Alabama tomorrow and Tuesday. Clements was the only host forced to cancel -- by the same Superintendent that originally endorsed keeping WHALE TALK on high school shelves. Go figure. But he'll be talking to more than 1000 kids tomorrow, along with 7th and 8th graders at Athens Junior High Tuesday and the general public Tuesday night in Huntsville. All the details are on his website, if you're in or near Alabama and want to see him talk banned books.


I had no IDEA he was coming to Maine. Now I'm all a twitter.

Thanks so much for letting me know, Kelly. (And, of course, thanks for the kind words about my blog!)


I take it this means no Monkey reunion?


It means Monkey reunion in MAINE!!!

Kelly Milner Halls

Monkee reunion? Can I be Peter? Now I'm showing my age.


PS What's a Monkey Reunion anyway?


A bunch of us worked at an indie children's bookstore in Harvard Square--Curious George goes to WordsWorth. We're all big readers--very into the YA. We were so passionate that customers would occasionally ask us if we were paid by commission. (We weren't, dammit).

Long story short, the Chris Crutcher event would be a perfect reunion venue.


Nuh-uh. You said if he came to NY, you'd come to NY.

"Yeah. If you go to New York, I'll come down from Maine--it'll be a Monkey reunion just for you, Chris Crutcher! Wouldn't that be fun!?

Sincerely, Leila"

Which was not prefaced with or followed by "unless you come to Maine", so I don't think you're off the hook. Plus, the geographical center of ex-George employees is much closer to me than you.


Bah. But the crowd will be smaller in Maine. Also, New York continues to be scary. And I think that I'm busy that day.


Umm. NY is not scary at all, no matter what it's P.R. and inconvenience. It's just not. Non-British (or phony Brit-Monks) accepted only.

Kelly: They used to call me B&T... for Baker and Taylor.

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