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28 September 2005


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Not Lauren

Um, someone, not me, really liked that movie a lot. And I don't think that makes them a sicko.


Heh. Grow Cube is rad. You'll get the ball to do something eventually. And then you can move on to Hapland 2. But trust me, the end of Grow Cube is so totally worth it.

i hate emo kids


don adams! we were going to get married!

tears...are falling...down... please insert cheesy utter crap lyrics here

i hate emo kids

on the upside, now colin won't have any competition

Hissy Cat

I thought Secretary was incredebly boring. It took forever for Lee to walk down the goddamn hallway.


I think the beginning of season 6 of Buffy was so campy to counteract of the utterly depressing nature of Season 5. I felt like they were really getting back into their stride in season 7 and then they pulled the plug.


Well, we've hit the midway point of Season 6, and holy crap--it's gotten really, really dark. I'd forgotten how messed up the Buffy/Spike relationship becomes.

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