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30 September 2005


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I just started listening to State of Fear on cd and all I can think is that Crichton got lucky on the timing. It's kind of scary when the inmates are running the asylum.

Will they call him in about cloning issues too? I mean, after all, he did write Jurassic Park.


Well, sure. And when we start tinkering with time-travel, he'll be an expert witness again. I'm surprised that they haven't called Dan Brown in to discuss the possibility of using anti-matter as an alternate energy source.


Except for the Great Train Robbery. I just read it this summer for the first time (after years, years I tell you, of rolling my eyes when people said it was great) and it was great.
I'm afraid to look into the actual history because I'm afraid it will make me sad. (Ignorance sometimes really is bliss.)


I'll give you that. The Great Train Robbery is way fun.




I admit, that kind of threw me, too. But I was so busy getting all high-and-mighty about our government taking him this seriously that I forgot to mention it.

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