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19 September 2005


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I think I might be off books for a little while. I stayed up until 4 reading Navy Brat just because it was there. Shudder.


Is that true? If so, I'm concerned. Very concerned.


thats funny
i couldnt put the book down either
i got in trouble for that because i supposed to clean my room and so i was cleaning my room while reading the book haha...yea like it was kinda addicting to read
anyway i want to read full moon.


I couldn't put the book down either, but i thought it was written wonderfully. I read the whole thing in 6 hours. I also read New Moon and loved it. EDWARD ROX!

It was suck-tacular


this was the most amazing book i have ever read lol i completely fell for edward! but bella gets annoying somthimes with the whining esp in New Moon


this book was the best! i was up all night reading it! lol its a read again book! Edward Rox! New Moon was said and boreing!! it made me cry !!


This is one of my favorite books ever. =]


i loved the book, i wont ever regret the day that my friend emms gave it to me while i was waiting for her while she was in box class, i just read both books and couldn't put them down, loved edward, read again the outtakes at stephenie's wbpg and still waiting for eclipse and midnight sun and the one that follows eclipse, i hope that they'll make it a film


"Okay, so I wasn't hugely impressed with the writing. There's only so many times that you can refer to someone's skin as 'ivory" or "marble'. " I gotta agree with this. :/ Hate to say it, but I was kind of disappointed. I had too many huge overdoses of Edward's prettiness.


I read this boock in just 2 days. I fell so in love with this book. I mean who could'nt!Bella reminds me alot like myself.I fall alot and sometimes can be a magnet for troble.but not only that I am the kinda person that falls hopelessly in love with someone I shoudent and wow I wish there was someone like Edward in this world.


all three books were awesone...i didn't really find it to be like buffy at all... it was very inventive and a good way to look at vampire's as good... i was sort of dissapointed with new moon cuz of edward not being in it as much and i was kind of pissed in the end of eclipse...cant one book just leave friends as friends >:( but they still rocked i hope there's another one after eclipse...and i really hope the next one isn't in jacob's perspective... he's awesome and everything but the only one for bella is edward, and he's her real soul mate...he's a good friend but not a lover.


I completely agree it woudl make me so so so mad if the fourth book turned out to be in jacobs perspective cause he rocks and all but you know it won't have edward in it as much if it is done by him or it will be all bad stuff and i gotta say that will thouroughly piss me off :D


ii 4real love thisz book.
at first i was lyk thisz book iisz prolly gonna be so borin && im goin to hate it..
but then ii kept reading..
&& now ii gonna read new moon..
ii hope edward turnsz her into a vampire 4real..

i think im the only person on the planet who was really rooting for jacob.


THESE ARE THE BEST BOOKS EVER!!! i don't care how many times she decides to express edwards loveliness HES LOVELY ok? she was making a VERY GOOD POINT! these are the best books ever and i love edward cullen!


maybe im crazy, but those books are AMAZING, and though im not rooting for jacob, and i would not want Breaking dawn to be from his point of view, cut him some slack! By the way those of you trashing Edward and his beauty are mean, the beauty needs to be emphasized!!!Anyone who would stay up 11 hours or two days to read this books is smart it is awesome, and is written greatly! so there!!!

people think they wont like it because its about vampires. call me crazy but thats EXACTLY why i luv it.
i've read all three. and i'm DYING to watch the movie!


The first time I read the books I did enjoy the read, but I was incredibly noticeable (the second time I read the series) how much of bad portrayal of women it is. Bella is constantly falling over, clumsy, unable to stay alive without her two dominant protectors- Edward and Jacob, and she cant survive without those MALES. She is a very submissive character aswell, and this comes through in a lot of chapters, when Edward forces her into the Volvo after she fainted in Biology (and she stated she couldn't out run him or escape him- really highlighting Edward being domineering, and like when Jacob kisses her (in La Push), she cant get out of his grip, she had no way of escaping it as much as she tried, he was always stronger. The males in the book are very domineering (Lions) compared to the weak submissive Bella (described as a Lamb). I could go on forever with the examples, as they are on almost every second line. This is when I found out that Stephenie was a Mormon, (highly religious latter day saint) which intrigued me, as in the religion females are also painted as submissive and weak, and it is encouraged, and men are painted as strong, protective and dominant figures. Stephenie did state on her website how her Mormon beliefs greatly influenced her perspective on the world. It almost seems that she herself is encouraging these traditional roles of men and women, by making the story of Edward and Bella so appealing- She makes dominant patriarchal roles of men in society seem appealing because she makes Edward (and Jacob) so appealing to female readers with their perfectness and inhuman great looks and perfect state of being, and thus also fall in love with the patriarchal values they represent. Although I enjoyed the story (I really did love it) my view was tainted by the perpetuation of the patriarchal discourse and motifs, as many people are so engulfed by Bella's and Edward's romance, (and later Jacob's too) that they dont even see that side of it at all.


I really loved this book. It was an awsome story. There were a few things that annoyed me though. First of all, I don't know if it's just me, but Bella really isn't a likeable character. She's got all these guys after her when she first comes to Forks and she's just annoyed with them. And, as I'm reading New Moon I'm totally seeing how the author made Bella super dependent on these guys. She's really not funny, and it's pretty boring to hear her go on and on in New Moon. The first book was awsome because of the great storyline,not because of the main character. I'm totally obsesed with Edward, and I can't wait for the book that is from his point of view.


this book is freakin' awsome i loved the action and dialog


i COMPLETLY DISAGREE w/ hope yes this is my opinion yes you dont fall over a guy like that doesn't mean shes not a strong indapendent woman she can handle her self


i like the book newmoon the most

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