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06 October 2005


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CNN reports that he also told them HP is gay.


That's so weird--Josh and I have been watching DVDs of Little Britain for the last two days. Ha. Stupid G.P. Taylor.


You are so right. I tried to read Shadowmancer when it first came out - there was so much hype about it - but I gave up very quickly. It's truly awful.

His language and behavior in the school was incredibly bad (even worse than the BBC reported) because as The Telegraph reported:
"The seven staff who were present were very embarrassed and uncomfortable with what was being said and called for a senior member of staff who, having heard some of it, then called the session to a halt.
"At the encouragement of Mr Taylor, the children became, not unnaturally, very excitable. This type of behaviour is not what we expect of a visitor." The school said parents and governors supported the decision.

The head teacher, Barbara Vann, said: "We know children will use inappropriate language but we don't have staff using that language.

"Mr Taylor is a national novelist and I would expect him to be able to speak to young people without using that sort of language.

"His language was going to go even further but he stopped himself. He started to use the F word and that is not acceptable in a school environment."

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