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05 October 2005


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i hate emo kids

pristine image??

ruin it by cursing?

if you ruined anything, it was my assumption that you had at the very least an elementary grasp of slang. "ho" would have been way better than "brood mare."

eww. maybe she's tall, but she's no horse.


Hos (Hoes?) don't have babies. Therefore, Scientology brood mare.

I think that Katie Holmes is way cute. Which is part of the reason why the whole thing is so disturbing.


Maybe this will make all of you cruel, shallow, cynical people shut up about how this is just a big publicity stunt to bolster Katies undeservedly lackluster career and the widespread questions about Tom's sexuality. I mean, really.


I am both crude and shallow, with a pinch of cynicism. I say she's a ho-pot, and he's just trying to outlive the rumors of his gayness. Maybe in his dreams he and Harry Potter rub naughty parts.


Tracy, groooooooooooss.

Hissy Cat

Katie's virginity pledge makes the news just that much more special.


Ha! I had missed that. Then again, that was when she was still a Catholic, pre-Scientology days.

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