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02 November 2005


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Hissy Cat

Thanks for the tip. I don't know why I've been putting off reading McEwan except that I sometimes develop irrational aversions to books and writers that seem very 'in' or trendy (I still haven't read Zadie Smith, though everyone tells me she's really good).

James Morrison

Hello again: This is indeed a fantastic book. From here, the ones to go for are probably 'Enduring Love', 'Saturday' and 'The Innocent' (in no particular order). Then 'Black Dogs', then 'The Cement Garden'. From there, his other (mostly earlier books) get less and less like 'Atonement' - more cold and clever rather than humane and insightful. Also, anyone who loves 'Atonement' and hasn't yet read 'The Go-Between' by LP Hartley must go out and read 'The Go-Between' by LP Hartley. So there!


Hissy Cat, I do the same thing. It took me over a year to finally sit down and read The (Stupid) Da Vinci Code.

As for you, James Morrison... Due to your recommendations, my reading list is reaching an unprecedented size. Awesome. I think I might even own The Go-Between, but I'm sure that I haven't read it yet. I'll dig it out.


I never would have compared him to Jane Austen either. Hmmm.

James Morrison

Forgot to mention McEwan's 'The Daydreamer', a lovely children's novel-of-short-stories about a young boy, which may also be Leila's particular cup of tea.


So, I kept putting off reading this (nothing puts me off worse than hype) and I just got it on tape and am only a couple chapters in and must come thank you for the recommendation. I'm having moment after moment where you think "I've had that feeling so many times and have never put it into words nearly as well." And, I'm also excited that you classified it as a tearjerker, always being on the lookout for good tearjerkers. And you have a whole category! Swoon!

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