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28 November 2005


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I'm a wreck when a dog dies or gets lost in a book, especially if there are children involved.


Did you read this one? (Or are you guessing about what happens?)


Uh oh. Will have to check it out (but Mali is getting Russian books/tapes, she asked for it. She's on her way to Montana soon, by the way. Still bumming around.).

Would you believe that I walked into George today and filled out an application? Well I did. I did it very crappily in a not-so-secret sign of my ambivalence, but I need some extra money and well... I figure I can read all the books that I've been missing over the Christmas vacation.


For real? You aren't making that up?

Well then. The Christmas season is about to get a whole lot more entertaining.


Oh yeah. And in fact they just called. I'm working 12/20-12/31, 10-7. Yuck. I need to put together a list of all the shit you've recommended in the past couple years so I can read it really fast while I'm there.

What can I say, I need the money and the thought of re-learning how to wait tables makes me want to hurl, even though it would be more bang for the buck.


Well then. Maybe I should come down sometime while you're working to harass you. Also I need a new pair of shoes from Berks.

And to take advantage of your discount, of course. Although personally, I think we should have a lifetime discount.


Does it have a little map? On the flyleaf or whatever that's called? I think I read the first page or so a couple weeks ago at work. I'll have to put it on hold.


It does. I looked at before starting, but then I never even glanced back at it once. Odd, that. Or maybe not so odd--I was pretty into it.


Loved it.


wow!!! i love this book!! i cried when the dog died,but it was a awesome book!!!!!!!!!!

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