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10 November 2005


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what are the themes for Feeling sorry for Celia? i really need to know!! but i loved the book! it was kinda wierd! but it was really really good book! just wondering wat the themes are for this book..hmm


Friendship, family, coming-of-age. Pretty classic YA stuff, right?


I LOVED THIS BOOK!!! it was so addictive, i couldn't put it down, not even for 5 minutes!!!! it's like a chick flick in book form!!! its great i recomend it to everyone. it is the best book i have ever read. i liked it better than ALL the HARRY POTTER books!!! i think it was great!!! people are deprved if they havent read it!! and if u have read it but didn't like it, WHAT'S WRONG WITH U????!!!!!!!!!


You said it, lady! You should definitely read Year of Secret Assignments, too!

kelly anne

i love your books they are all so great!!!..please write more books so i can buy them all!!! love Kelly


Hi can anyone give a description of a Elizabeth Clarry or Celia Buckley

It needs to have a good topic sentence, 5 to 7 support sentences and a Clincher/conclusion Thanks alot
you can email them to me at [email protected]
before the 18th of March will be great

Thankyou so much


Sorry, Dean. I'm not doing your homework. I've already done my time. Good luck, though.


Whats this Book all about? everyone seems to like it so much!!!
im thinking of getting this book for myself though if some can give me a 2 sentence brief explanation about this book i will get it Thanks
(everyone on this site says its great but i want to know whats it about because i like books that will interest me Thanks)


I have just started reading Feeling Sorry for Celia as an English Project, we have to make a movie trailer for it. Any ideas for what scenes/letters really, to act out and include????


Can anyone please tell me.. what the climax of the story is? and what the resolution was? Was there a time in the story?

Christina Meyers

I liked this book, but found it repetitive (e.g Celia runs away 3 times). I thought that the style of writing could have varied, instead of the whole thing being told through letters. All in all I would give it 7/10.


Hey can you try and give me this book thank u


Hey can you try and give me this book thank u

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