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16 November 2005


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Hissy Cat

That is the hottest cover ever. I love it.


Dude, it's even better. You can't see the diecut bit in the picture. It's so rad.


Her books are such guilty pleasures aren't they! I love them.


Love Barbara Michaels, and Elizabeth Peters too, although not so much a fan of the Amelia books. Vicky Bliss all the way! And Jacqueline Kirby, the librarian. Wish Ms Peters would write another one of those...

I liked Grave Sight too. I know that was a different post than this one, but I'm being economical in my commenting. :)


I haven't read any of hers in ages but I used to devour them. Definitely a Vicky Bliss fan.


Kirby's my fave.

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