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07 December 2005


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Okay, if you loved Ishiguro, then you really must read his others. My two favorites are "A Pale View of the Hills" and "Artist of the Floating World." You are so lucky you still haven't read them!

I agree with your tearjerkers wholeheartedly. McEwan is my favorite living writer (I even liked "Saturday," though not as well as "Atonement," "Enduring Love," and "The Child of Time") and "Atonement" is amazing. I sobbed my way through the Wiles as well.


Oh yes, you must read more Kazuo Ishiguro. He's amazing. I love your list of favorites. I'm taking notes :)


Looks like I'll be starting off the new year with (gasp!) some grown-up books!


Atonement - I need to start making everyone I know read it. LOVED it & thank you for recommending it. Tears, no sobbing, but gut wrenching.

Assassination Vacation made me cry. I think at the end of the Lincoln section? I had to make fun of myself for that one.


Assassination Vacation made me tear up, but it was because I was laughing so hard at her ode to Peter Gallagher's eyebrows.

I was a disaster for two days after I read Atonement. Ian McEwan got me good.


ack! i am so glad that you recommended the meg rosoff! it was my favorite book of last year and i forced it on everyone who came in contact with me. and this year she came out with a hilarious picture book that you should also read. its called "meet wild boars".


Oh this is a fantastic list. You have made me think about the books I've read this year. Maybe I will post a similar thing on my blog... we'll see.

PS> Can't wait to read Never Let Me Go now. It's been in my pile of books to read for a month or so...


Great list! Ishiguro is one of my favorite authors. I will buy his books in cloth without a second thought!! I saw the book on the Lonely Doll--it looked interesting--a little different. I may have to take another look since you gave it a good review. Also loved the McCullers book-I am very glad I finally read it!

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