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02 December 2005


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The books are really amazing and yes I do like the fact that her relationships grow as does her age. I do in fact like the character Casey because it shoes that she is like any other a regular girl and not some crazy girl off to fight crime.Don't get me worng I love the crimes and mysteries but I also like the realistc scenerio. In the last book I was excited that Casey and Sammy were finally getting somewhere and the personality ballot mayhem added to the excitment. I really do love the series and hate that I have to WAIT for the next one.Actually I'm not sure when the nest one will be coming out if anyone finds out plese email me at [email protected] thank-you

Bianca Bakkar

can someone tell me how the book ends..i am suposed to do a book report on this book and i read really slow. i diddn't have enough time. will someone tell me what the mystery was and how it ended up...(what was the conclusion) i am going to read the book by myself anyways i just need those answers!


Wow, I love the Sammy Keyes series. Wendelan is a very talented author. Now, you have to understand; I'm almost 14, and all my friends laugh at me for reading these 'childish' books. These are not childish! Their great! And I like it because Sammy is my age, my grade, and besides the rousing mystery...there's regular teenage school stuff going on with boys and bratty girls. It's fun! This book was really great and I actually learned a thing or two. I checked this book out from my local library and got home around 2 something. I started reading the book right when I got home because I was eager...and you know what? I finished the entire book that same day. It was so good. And this was a Saturday! What 13 year old girl would spend their entire Saturday reading a book? Trust me, I would be the last one out of my friends to do that, but this book was so dang good! Now I'm off to the library to check out the next book to the series: Sammy Keyes and the Wild Things! :) I'm so sad that I'm almost done reading each book :(. Oh well, I gues I'll just have to wait and read some of the other books Wendelin wrote!


Okay to the first person who responded, Casey is a boy and he goes out with Sammy Keyes to a school dance

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