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26 January 2006


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i read both james freys books and they were a great read, a good story and who cares if he didnt tell the whole truth. It was the point wasnt it.??? This is not Bush making up a story or lying for thesake of going to war and killing thousands of inocent people . This guy was just telling a story . One i might add may have helped some folks but certinly didnt hurt anyone. get over it and get on with the stuff that really matters and the liers that are really hurting our world.


"Crappermancer!" Very funny. Worst book I've ever "read" (couldn't make it past 50 pages or so...

Hissy Cat

If that works, I'm totally suing the Internets.


Uh oh, check it out. Oprah's pissed: http://www.nytimes.com/2006/01/27/books/27oprah.html?hp&ex=1138424400&en=bf37f10b148fef57&ei=5094&partner=homepage


Oh for crying out loud! I can't believe that. Like you said, "get over it".


Wait, wait, wait. If this lawsuit goes through, then we can go after FBL!

"Yes, your honor, I am claiming mental anguish. Reading her books made me want to stab my eyes out."


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