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03 January 2006


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Jenny D

Hi--I'm just writing to introduce myself--Richard Nash of Soft Skull told me he'd sent you that Michelle Embree novel as well. It's GREAT, isn't it? And I completely agree with you the amazingness of Robyn--I want my OWN Robyn--it's the good writing that makes the book work.

I've just looked through all your fantasy category and LOVE it! I've read an awful lot of those too, it's just the kind of thing I most like--esp. glad to see you liked Robin McKinley's SUNSHINE, I found it was one of those books I compulsively reread two or three (possibly even four) times within the first year after it was published, I liked it so much.

Anyway, I look forward to visiting your blog regularly from now on--I'm sure I've read stuff here before, but not recently.

Best wishes,
Jenny Davidson


I was so scared that I wouldn't love Sunshine, it being a grown-up book and all... I've given it to quite a few of the teen readers at the library and it's been really, REALLY popular with them, which makes me happy. (Like you, they've been reading and re-reading it compusively.)

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