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27 February 2006


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Dude. This one is going to be so much fun to re-read.


Yeah, I'm going to have to re-read it now. I admit, movies/books usually totally bamboozle me. I guess I just really enjoy the ride, so I'm always really annoyed when I figure something out before it's revealed. But there was nothing in this book to even make me suspect. I just kept waiting for the big bad to happen, and then I was totally thrown in a different direction. It was cool misdirection. Even more so than the Giles books, but those have a creep factor that makes you suspicious when reading.

Gah, we have to get together. GAH it's almost March! Chris Crutcher in Maine! Are we descending on you? I have no idea who 'we' is.


Yeah, I was being a dork about being a super-genius, but I do really seem to have some sort of weird intuition when it comes to plot twists. It's annoying.

Ooooh, I hope so! In terms of a place to stay, we'd have to figure something out since our apartment is the size of your old kitchen, but it would be so rad if 'we all' could go see Chris Crutcher together.

I'm going to be in Boston in late March for the PLA conference, so there could be hangout time, then, too.

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