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28 February 2006


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fittingly, I'm listening to the Brokeback Mountain soundtrack as I read this.


I think that Brent Hartinger and I might be musical soulmates. Also, Ponyboy will always, always, always be crush-worthy. And Xena rules. (For years, we had a 12-inch Xena action figure that battled the angel atop the Xmas tree at my Dad's house... Ah, holiday memories...)


i want to nibble on heath ledger's lower lip


if i hear that brokeback mountain theme one more time, i'll have ennis put a bullet in my head. i didn't hink BM was that good -- then again, i think jackie chan's "drunken master 2" is the greatest movie of all time, so what do i know.

Brent Hartinger

Don't make me angry, Bookfraud. You won't like me when I'm angry.

(Sorry, that's a reference to THE INCREDIBLE HULK--more cheesy sci-fi!)

Leila, you obviously have FANTASTIC taste. ;-)


i take back everything i said about brokeback mountain. i don't want anybody going hulk on us. violence is never the answer.



Serious props for not signifying that you were kidding. And even more props if you weren't.

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