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10 February 2006


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Okay, okay - you don't need to be so bossy!


I do TOO! Everyone must read these books!

Boss boss boss boss boss!


Oh, I can see I'm going to get a whole hell of a lot done this weekend.
P.S. Is it just me or is the Newbery committee losing it's mind? Criss Cross? After Kira-Kira? Gimme a break.


Oh my gosh. Look at that non-contracted form of its with an appostrophe. I'm going to grammarian hell.


I still haven't read Criss Cross. I started it and got bored and it looked a little bit gimmicky. But maybe I was in a mood. I think I read Babymouse instead.

Have you visited the livejournal fan site for these books?



Yes!! Best book series EVER!! I just picked the last one up at the bookstore. I just wish she would write more. Nice blog!


these books are totally awesome!! and its a good thing i read the origional blog thingy after i read the books or i would have said you were all losing your minds!! anybody know if MWT is writing any more books?


omg I frigging love those books after I read it for the frist time I read it again and again and also go threw and read my favorite parts I am actually almost upset at how good these books are because every other book I read may be good but I am just not as invovled.
I admit that I have cried in it, I'm sorta bad with stuff like that:P
but I can go on for years about these books, I am so obbsessed that I could tell you quotes if you wanted give you the first lines, explain in intracit detail everything that happens (espcially in the king of attolia) I think the second has the best plot but I like the third one more.
Okay I'll stop now but these books are so awsome and everyone needs to read them!


I love these books! All of them! I've read them again and again and again (ok, i think you get it). Is there going 2 b a sequel 2 the king of attolia?? i rully want 2 read it of there is! and i rully hope there is!!!
Oh and u hav the rite 2 b bossy, well not the rite, but u should be bossy cuz this is the best sequel ever!! Im obssesed =)
I luv books but i dont ussually come across rully good ones lik these!! anyway, ive said enuff, buhbye


I think there is going to be a sequel (and there better be) cause of the uprising of a war is hinted from the country the Queen sent away -ambassador..!! anyway I loved!! this series as well!! I kept re-reading my fav. parts. Though i am slightly dissapointed that this 3rd book was all from Costis view!! cause i didn't care about him!! I just wanted to know more about Eugenides and the queen!! It was limited!! I hope she writes faster!! too LOVE IT!! - the end.


I LOVE this series, especially the third one. I agree that the second one had a slightly better plot, but the third one had a lot of humor(even if it was from Costis's point of view). Gen is AWESOME and if u dont agree with me once u read the books, something is seriously wrong with ur head. well, im done. awesome series! :D


I loved that the third book was from Costis' point of view -- it let me fall in love with Eugenides all over again!


yes, I love Gen!! I think I liked Queen of Attolia the best, because I'm really attracted to Irene's character (just wish that they would give her a little more spotlight) but there were parts of King of Attolia that were just amazing. I think those two are my favorite couple ever.


I'm sorta sorry I read these books because I'm obsessed. I probably drive people nuts telling them to read this series, but they're sooo good! I fell for Gen in The Thief, and it got worse with each book. I once thought about writing a book, but MWT's stories more or less kicked the dream to the gutter. How could I ever come close to something like The Thief? How could I be ever be satisfied with anything less?

If you love to fall in love with a book, read The Thief, The Queen of Attolia, and The King of Attolia.

i wish I was Irene so I could marry Gen..then again, it would not be much fun reading about myself.

OMG I am so happy to find more Gen fans. (My friends think I'm crazy for obsessing over a character from a book) MWT is an amazing writer and I am sincerely hoping and praying that she writes more books for this series. I have yet to find another author who is as skillful a writer as she is.


My personal opinion is that this is the best of the three so far. Admittedly, I read it first, so there might be something of a "bias" for that, but it really is quite fantastic.


the king of attolia has the greatest ending to any book i have ever read!


I have good news for all of you, there will be a sequel to the king of attolia. It's going to be called, A Conspiracy of Kings and it will be out on the 23rd of March 2010. It will be 400 pages long and here is the official blurb:

Sophos, heir to Sounis, doesn’t look like much of a prince. At least, according to those in power. At least, to those who do not know him or the size of his heart and the depth of his courage, loyalty, and love. But Helen, Queen of Eddis, knows him, and so does Gen, the queen’s Thief, who is now King of Attolia. Gen and the queen believe that Sophos is dead. But they also believe in hope, especially since a body was never found. So when Sophos is discovered in Attolia, climbing a lamppost, peashooter in hand, the obvious question becomes: where has Sophos been all this time?

The book will also contain a map and if you want to see the cover art then here is the link to the official website:
Click the read more button if you want to read the blurb on the website.

God, I am so excited. I can't wait till march.

Lilly depp

Man, I totally agree with everything above!!!!! I gave The Thief to five friends, but not one of them finshed! I don't get it cause I LOVE Gen and maybe wouldn't like to be him, but I'd love to know him.... wishful thinking.......... Lilly Depp

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