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10 February 2006


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I just finished Inkspell and that's enough Cornelia Funke for me. Too wordy (do they really have to get kidnapped TWICE?) and it's one of those books where the parents are along for the ride. In adventure stories, unless you are Diana Wynne-Jones, you have to 1) kill off the parents 2) make them vanish for plausible reasons 3) make them evil. Otherwise it doesn't make sense.


I didn't even read Inkspell. I read Inkheart back when it came out, and it just made me realize I was NOT going to turn into a fan, no matter how many people told me I'd like her.

And yeah, she's waaaaaaay too wordy. Inkheart was retarded. It was like chase scene after chase scene after chase scene. HOW MANY TIMES CAN THE STUPID KIDS GET CAPTURED?? And they get kidnapped AGAIN in the sequel?? Blarg.


Um, yeah. So apparently I'm a little more scatterbrained than usual, because I totally meant Inkheart. Not Inkspell. Sorry.


Oh. Phew. If they got kidnapped in Inkspell, it would totally suck.

Of course, they probably do and it probably does.

none of your buisnesss

ahem, I happen to find Cornelia Funke's books utterly amazing and if you two dumbasses call this book " too wordy " than i think its you who should rethink writing anything, (even your discusting comments). Words too much of a challenge for you? hrmm.. that's what i thought. Good day.


Well, it's super that you love the books -- and that you love them enough to defend them so passionately.


...HOW DARE YOU SAY THAT ABOUT INKHEART OR INKSPELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They are the best books EVER!!! And you call yourselfs readers!! HAH!!!! Are we confusing you with word like "Sophisticated" or "verbose"? Try and REALLY READ THE BOOK. Who knows, maybe you'll like it the second time! Or maybe not. After all, you have the right to your opinion, I have the right to think your stupid.




OMG!!! How could any one say anything bad about Inkheart or Inkspell? Those were two of the best books i ever read!! Even Better than Harry Potter. By the way did anyone see the Theif Lord movie? BEST MOVIE EVER!!!!!! I love Rollo Weeks in it.


hi all

now any one can download the movie from here



What I really love about the passionate comments calling you stupid, is that they each have at least one word spelled wrong!


Somehow, I don't think they noticed that you described a) specific parts of the plot that irked you and b) a specific problem with the writing that has a bit to do with personal taste. Elements of Style major rule: Be Concise. Even on the first page of Inkheart, the writing was clumsy. The characters and setting may be fantastic, but I can't be bothered to read it if I'm thinking how the writing could have been pared down.


Inkheart and Inkspell are the bet books I have read and if anyone doesn't like them they either didn't actually read them, or they are dumb.


I love this book and I can't believe people are acutally complaining about it. If they hated it so much, why are they taking time to write comments? Also, if the books are so dumb, then why are they all being turned into movies? I understand that everyone has their own personal type of books and stuff, just like i didn't like some books. So I respect all of these opinions, even though I found the books exciting and thought-provoking.


I don't know why you think those books are so dumb.I mean my freind got me into reading them,and foronce she did something right.The book is a little bit wordy,but come on it was'nt that bad!


i Liked reading inkspell it was my favorite book besides Marley & me I hope the movie comes out soon for inkheart because it will be an awsome!!! movie if it does come out. If the other people don't like will there missing out on a lot.


I AM TOTALLY WITH YUMI!!!!!!! i read Inkheart and loved it (i read it twice and lovd it even more!) And then i started Inkspell. In the beginning i was like..."oh this is okay,i think Inkheart will be better." And then i started reading more and more and after two days of reading i only stopped to eat and sleep (and go to the bathroom) I am always on the computer(i was never on while i was reading!) i got to the end of the book and i cried-for hours on End!!! I only finished it Yesterday but i cried before i went to bed...i even let my brother see me cry! the book is actually my brother's but there is to much love in it so i'm not going to let him read it! Inkspell is my favorite book in the UNIVERSE and alwayts will be. Thank you, come again.


if you think the books are retarted...i only have one word for you: Jackass


if you think the books are retarted...i only have one word for you: Jackass

whats it to ya????

ya okay, rika, really, get a life.
you say you either spend all of your time on the computer,
or reading. and you cry over a stupid book!!! ya sure i
liked the stupid book(s) but at least i don't bawl over
charactor that doesn't even exist. anyway no ofence but
you kinda makin yurself sound real lame.
oh ya, about the book. ummmm it was pretty good.


I just finished reading the two books today and i think they are awsome! Honestly, i would be upset if she didn't write a third book! I don't cry over books but i get into them. People who hate the books, why are you wasting your time on a site to trash a book if you hate it so much? That's pathetic to me. Oh, and "whats it to ya????", honestly 'whats it to ya????' if Rika cryed over the book?...EXACTLY! I love the books inkheart and inkspell and if you don't like it you don't have to spend your time here. bye bye.


Books Rock

Hi yall first time writing and the following people r the ones that i agree with most:
Yumi, whats it to ya????, Rika, Jesse (but i think inkheart an inkspell are better than marley and me), juel, armoryell, and lelia so yeah i think that saved me a lot of talking............ But i will say that these books r the best books EVER! and also there is gonna be a new third book called inkdawn just go to google and type inkdawn........... so yeah ty for listening


i loved inkheart and inkspell and there is going to be a third book called ' inkdeath ' not inkdawn. also inkspell is suppossed to be ' inkblood '

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