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06 March 2006


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Yeah. And what about "Owen and Mzee" by Craig Hatkoff? It's topping the bookseller lists right now and involves a hippo being friends with a tortoise. Non-fiction depravity, I say! Oh what bleak and evil times we live in today.... *sob*.

Seriously, I'm shocked it took this long for someone to lob a complaint at poor "Tango". I mean, it's the best written picture book that discussing homosexuality with children. Can you come up with any better? I think not!


The death of a kitten (while sad) does not offend the religious sensibilities of some in the way that a book discussing homosexuality may. That is why this book has caused such a stir, particularly in California where it is now required reading. Some would argue that religiously themed books should also be pulled from the shelves as they may offend the sensibilities of those without religion. However, in my experience, religiously themed books are often quite easy to spot merely by glancing at the cover or title; whereas, when looking at the cover of "And Tango Makes Three" it is not overtly apparent how controversial the subject matter is even to some parents.

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