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31 March 2006


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i hate emo kids

perfectly proportioned buttocks!

callipygous was one of my favourite words in high school too!!

and to think all that time i spelt it wrong.

Janelle M.

Thanks for the great review! I just called my local independent bookstore and ordered this. Can't wait to read it!


Hey, I hate emo kids: If you were spelling it "callipygian," you were spelling it right, I think. I've never seen it written as "callipygous," and the dictionary seems to agree with me.

Leila (Dorkier-o-saurus)

According to the OED, 'callipygian' and 'callipygous' are both correct. Get this: the first word is the name of a famous statue of Venus. Who knew? Not me.

Dr. Frank

Hey Dorkosaurus: you and "the" dictionary are totally correct. "Callipygous" and "callipygian" are indeed written quite differently, especially toward the end.


OK, I was being pedantic; thanks for calling me on it. I'd only seen "callipygian" before, and callipygous isn't in my dictionary (Webster's New World College Dictionary, Fourth Edition, The Official Dictionary of the Associated Press). It's not like I was going to go out and cancel my King Dork order or sell my MTX/Dr. Frank albums.


Well, to be fair, looking things up in the OED is kind of silly. The thing is twenty volumes long -- it's hard not to find a word in it.


There's a copy of the OED down the hall from my cubicle, but I'm pretty lazy. In hindsight, so to speak, I'm just glad that such a word exists -- er, such words exist.


Hey, my journalism buddy snagged a review copy of King Dork from where he works, and both supercallipygianous forms are in the glossary at the rear. I feel vindicated. Or more humbled. I'm not too sure. I am sure I'm the only one who cares.


I'm just happy that you created the super- form of callipygous. I hope that it catches on and is eventually added to the OED.

Dr. Frank

Yeah, I'm with you Leila - I actually used super-c just this morning...


Wow, I can feel the love. (Or maybe that warm feeling is just my imagining the buttocks that warranted a supercallipygianous reference.)

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