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22 March 2006


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Jeremy shares your pet peeve with ragged edge. He's gotten to the point that he won't buy a book with ragged edge pages.
Personally, they don't bother me that much, I just think it's a stupid gimic that needs to stop.

the ragged edge books tend to be french flap paperbacks. why? because with french flaps you can't run the book through the trimmer the way you would a normal paperback, or else your flaps will get chopped off. so if you want a smooth-edged french flap pb, you need to run the book through the machine twice (once to trim the interior, then again to bind the cover onto the trimmed interior) and that costs a whole lot more.

Interesting that most people look at the ragged edge interior to be a mark of distinction when in reality it's a cost-saving measure.


Count me in the "ragged edges drive me insane" group. Interesting about the manufacturing process; suddenly though I can't remember if they all have those double flaps or not. I want to say that the King In the Window (which was even a HC) had those, but maybe I'm projecting the rest of my irritation about that book.

James Morrison

I kind of like them, though I can see why they shit people. Though they do seem a little pretentious - if you're going to have ragged edges, they should go the whole hog and leave them uncut, so you can read with a knife in one hand.

Hissy Cat

"smaller houses like Grove/Atlantic"


ok, that's my own pet peeve.

Jenny D

Yes, I object to them on the grounds of pretentiousness (and the pretentious title is "deckle edge"!) rather than pure esthetics, though I prefer the clean-cut kind purely on tactile grounds as well...

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