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23 March 2006


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Fade was super creepy but super good.


I think that's pretty much the definition of most Cormier books.


im on pageeee fourteeeeyy oneeee!!!! yayyyy!! meee!!! i rockkkkeeeeey!!!!


This book, Things Not Seen, is a wonderful book. It is sooooooo good, and really suspensful!!!!!!!!!! I loved it!!!!!!!!!!!

Inho PAk

Hey i like your book but you seriously should go see the reag against the machine show

Inho PAk


inho PAk

Hey but you should start righting some reads for High schoolers like me


Dear Mr. Andrew Clements,
Hi! PLEASE READ THIS LETTER!!! I need help! My name is Christina. My best friends, Nora and Alyssa, and I have some questions, but let us first get down to the basics. I will tell a story and explain it to you late. DO NOT stop reading. Anyway, here’s my story.
It all started when I, Christina, started to read. I read and read, thousands of books, but I never really thought of writing a book until 5th grade (by the way I am currently in the 6th grade). In fifth grade, I had this great dream that was a great idea for a book. Then, my mo bought me a gift on my birthday of July 4, 2006 (yes, I am born on Independence Day). My mom bought me several books, but one will change my life forever its name was The School Story. After reading that book, I got so motivated in starting to write my book because of YOU. But now, I need some help.
I am in the mists of my book, and like Natalie, I hired my best friends (Nora and Alyssa) to me my agents. I even have a pen name like Natalie or Samuel Clemens (Mark Twain) it’s Amy Smith, but Smith isn’t my real name by the way. However, there is one problem Mr. Clements, it’s that I am in REALITY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! In The School Story, you gave us a lot of information, but Natalie got it easy. Her mom was an editor. Natalie could just sneak into her mom’s files anytime she wanted! My parents are NOT involved with publishing companies at all, and neither are any of my friends’ parents. Another problem I have is telling an adult. None of my teachers are very, you know, not as good as the teacher in The School Story. That is why I am writing to you. I NEED your HELP!!!! According to my agents findings the closest Scholastic Publishing Company to where I live is in New York City on Broadway Street. By the way, I live on Long Island, New York.
Mr. Clements, I really want to get my book published and so do my friends. I will send you my book so far (but just to warn you, it’s a girly book). I will only send this to you after you write back. As you can see, there is no return address on the envelope. You will have to e-mail us; we have set up an e-mail address just for the purpose of book matters and of course talking to you. Thank you if you decide help us!! You really have to!


P.S- Our e-mail address is author[email protected] PLEASE write back as soon as possible. I need REALITY tips!!!


Dear Mr. Clements,
My name Alexis and you are my favorite author. when i start to read your books, ]can't stop reading! it is so hard to put the book down. i am now rcently reading the ''Lunch Money'' and i can't put the book down! i got in trouble because i wasn't doing my class work when i was reading. well that what happens when i am reading a great and that is the truth.thank for taking your time to read this letter.
Alexis Martinez

P.S. MY EMAIL ADDRESS IS [email protected]

Misty davis

Dear andrew
Your books are so good i read about 10 of your books and they are so good just e-mail me bye write me back.


Dear Mr. Clements
I LOVED THINGS NOT SEEN ITS SO AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
its the first book i read by you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ceile Cassidy

Dear Andrew Clements, I really enjoyed this book. I love how well you can connect with children. It is kinda like you can read our minds. I have always loved your books. My goal is to read all of them. I am actually reading Things Hoped For right now. I love how Bobby comes into this book. I could read this book all day. I really hope that maybe you could have a book signing or something in my hometown, somewhere in O'Fallon Missouri, so I could Talk to you about your books. If you are to busy please email me at, [email protected], that would be great. I no you are a busy man and you don't have time for an eleven year old that wants to be a writer just like you.I would like to show you this book I wrote in fifth grade, My teachers said it could have been in the stores, but he was probably just being nice. My book was called The Haunted House, it is about a girl who comes intact with the dead. The girl must save her parents from the dead and it has tones of surprises. In third grade I won an award for Young Writers, my book was called The Witch on the Block, I actually got seventh place but still thats pretty good for a third grader. So please Mr. Clements i Really love all your books. You are my favorite author, I would love to speak to you.

Love, Ceile Cassidy

andew clements o.m.g this book is the best book. im going to read the second book things hoped for!!!!! im so excited to read it!!!!!! thanks for writing this book i love it!!!!!!! :0 <3

Danny Tran

Andrew Clements is there more of things not seen? Is it in series?Please tell me more.My class read the book and wanted to find out if Things not seen is a series.


Andrew Clements Is things not seen in a series?I want to know,my class wants to know.My class read things not seen not wanted to konw if things not seen is in series.

Karen Alvarado

I have read this book 3 times...is just so good!!! the first time I stay at 2 in the morning reading it!!! and know i'm reading things wish for....thank you so much for making such a wonderful book

p.s. In my reading class we have to make an essay about our favorite writer...and more than the half of my class chose you!! :) (including me)


hello andrew clements i have red almost 11 of your books they are the best ever i love them i dont know how you write such great stories i just love them i cant stop reading them they are so good if you get this email please write back at [email protected] please.


Dear Andrew Clements,
I have a question for you. In some of the front cover illustration of your books like "Frindle" why is the hand bigger than the head? And why is someone holding an object in his/her hand like in "Janitor's Boy" and "Frindle"? PLEASE write back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i love things not seen i am reading it for a book club and me and my friends LOVE IT!


hi this book was goood i liked it alotttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt


hey i lov ur book things not seen !!!i had to read it for a school thing and i loved it hope i can read another one of ur books !!email me back at [email protected]
lov ya allie


I love the book things not seen but I
m trying to figure out the genre if you could email me back that would be great


Hey ur the best author Andrew

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