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15 March 2006


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James Morrison

I can claim three of them, but given how great those three were, I have to get my hands on the other two ('Mr Blandings Builds...' and 'Belles Letters'). 'Psmith' is brilliant (so are its sequels, like 'Psmith, Journalist' - Wodehouse satirising journalism, how can you go wrong?), and 'Scoop' and 'Lucky Jim' are both amongst my favourite novels. This Roger Kimball fella seems to know his onions.


I will most definitely add that one to my list!

Janelle Martin

P.G. Wodehouse is ranks high on my list of all-time favourite authors. I'm going to have to check out the rest of the list and get busy adding some comedy to my reading life.


Definitely read Lucky Jim. It's wonderful.

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