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07 April 2006


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A concordance, readalike, whatever you want to call it: Dragonsinger with the part of The White Dragon where Menolly is teasing Jaxom, saying sure she'll cover for him, etc. You can see how she's really grown as a character - a bit of that in Dragondrums as well.

I'll add to your list of HP comparisons (so true) with: school may be school, but there's a world outside going on too, and our hero(ine) must straddle both, especially when the real world leaks into the school world.


Oh, good one.

I have to admit -- I went to Fantastic Fiction and printed out a list of her books -- it's broken down by series and pub date. Horribly geeky and wonderful.

Liz B

As a kid, it's not so much that I ignored the order of series, is that I was constantly without realizing it reading 2nd or 3rd books and then having to backtrack. So, yes, I read Dragonsinger 1st and it remains my favorite Mennolly centered book; I liked Dragonsong; and was disappointed by Dragon Drums. I also prefer the early Dragonrider books. Now I'm in the mood for a good Pern book, I have to see what is on my shelf.


Dragonsong and Dragonsinger are probably my favorite of all the Pern books. It's fun to re-read them and see numerous things going on in the background that were main plots of other books. However, I have issue with Dragondrums because you have followed Menolly's story through 2 books and suddenly the third books isn't about her. I found it disappointing.

Liz B

That's why I tend to find the later Pern books less interesting; with a handful of exceptions, they don't focus on the characters I'm interested in. The people I like (Menolly, Lessa) tended to drift to the background in favor of characters I was so so about.

darla d

I agree about the "fantasy" label for this - how annoying! These were the books that made me branch out into additional science fiction when I was a kid - I'd always read fantasy, but when I realized that even though there was no magical element and I still loved these books, I had to find more books like that! Great series - I just read the first two to my kids, and it was wonderful to revisit them.

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