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03 April 2006


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I think this has less to do with Harry Potter than with some really scary trend occuring in India.



GAH. That's horrible.


Oh, sweet Jesus.

That quote is directly from "the Onion," years ago.


AWESOME. See how smart I am? I KNEW it couldn't be real.

So that news article was unknowingly quoting The Onion? Oh, joyous day. That just made my morning. Thanks.

Looks like the site took the article down, so the must've realized that they screwed up. Ha.


The Onion article link:


As far as I can tell, there has been no retraction or explanation -- they just took the article down. From what I remember (God, it was just yesterday, which is horrifying -- what has happened to my brain?), there were three quotes -- all of them are posted either at Snopes or at Truth or Fiction -- used as a lead-in to a news article about the Catholic Church having issues with Harry Potter. In India. It was all very strange.

I suspect it may have been a case of "Reporter Does Research on the Internet and Doesn't Do Any Factchecking". Like, Googling "Harry Potter Satanism" and cut/pasting the first available quotes. Yeesh.

(Thanks, Chrissy, for the links.)

You can still read a tiny snippet of the article at Google.

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