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12 April 2006


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let's not forget naomi's jesus moment, after her alan bloom moment, after her al gore moment...what is it with all these men? seems desperate for attention.

you don't like "dr. phil"?


Honestly, I'd kind of like to kick Dr. Phil down a flight of stairs.


And that quote! "These books define who girls are..." Hey, guess what? That's the same old "victim, victim" crap that has been more usually used against women for centuries"too feeble to vote, do dangerous stuff, show her ankles". Maybe if young women are stupid enough to take the Gossip Girls at face value, then they are stupid enough to be written off.


OMG if any grownup think this book is unah-propiate they are wrong. i bet they thought just like that when they were 11 to 15 yrs old.if not they were probably LBRS, or their parents were complete control freaks and or brain washed them. it's so not dangerous. how is it figgin dangerous. just cuz they got expelled went into forbidden woods doesnt mean wer'e gonna do it. hey im 12 and im smart enough not to do sumtin stupid like dat.of course ppl get into detention all that lisi harrison is trying t do is to connect with her readers like ur first kiss or when you went 2 camp wit boys or lied about doin sumtin. GUSH.wat is wrung with ppl. if a teacher thinks this book is dangerous dont listen there's a 90% chance they were a LBR when they were in school which is why they are a teaher. example no one likes this kid name arlis in my class, the nerds dont even like being around him yes even NERDS. one day he made a presentation that he wanted to be a teacher. SEE that could of been ur teacher 20-50 yrs ago.

because i'm worth it Maddie

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