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25 April 2006


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This book should be made into a movie. I would buy it and I am sure many others would buy it also.


who is sarah dessen.. i mean i know but could you get a biography of some sort...please im desperste


this book is amazing. definetely my favorite. i would love to know what others pictured the characters to look like. for me owen, looked like the boy from naturally sadie(probably cause his name was owen too)and i sort of pictured anabell as me. i could relate to this book very well as i am sure a lot of people could.


both of Annabel's sisters dont have eating disorders its just Whitney. enyway very good book.


Onlyh whitney has a eating disorder


I Love your book sarah they rock all i think about 24 7 is about your book. They are alll the best books i have ever read.


omg. this book is like my favorite books
i cried like 5 times reading it
Sarah Dessen is seriously one of my favorite authors.
She is amazing!


I LOVE THIS BOOK.... i swear to god t like the best book i've read it so good..... and i love sarah dessen infact earlyer today i bought to more books of hers someone like you and this lullaby...... just listen ROCKS and so does sarrah dessen.....



Sarah sessen's Book Just Listn is awsome. I could really relate to the characters and emotions. It is touching and it made me cry so many times. I want to read it again. I rate it 10 out of 10. Seriously!!


This book was just awesome. I could really relate with it as I'm recovering from an eating disorder, and it just really touched me and made me think about what I've inflicted on my family as well.

10/10! =']

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