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18 April 2006


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Oh, dear. I second EVERYTHING. It's horrifying, and I know nothing about it but Tom Cruise has tainted any equanimity I might have had toward the *ahem* religion. Oh, Logan.


For info about $cientology: http://www.xenu.net/ It's exactly as evil and creepy as it seems to be. I'm so sad about Logan - and this is on top of my sadness about Jason Lee!


The Horror! You know, I heard a rumor about this, but dismissed it because I just couldn't handle the idea of Logan being like Tom Cruise.
Poor Logan...err, Jason.


Hi Leila:

I'm busy adding your reviews to the Book Review wiki and came across this post. I just want to say, he may not be...my name comes up on a scientology course list. And, while there are a couple other Kelly Herolds out there, my name happens to be right next to the name of one of my best friends from grad school in LA. And I can guarantee you neither one of us took a scientology course in "communications". I think they took our names from a UCLA directory.


Wow. That's nuts, Kelly. Here's hoping that he got away.

And thanks again for all of the incredible work you've been doing on the Book Review wiki/database.

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