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26 April 2006


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Right there with you on the Goth rant.


Yeah, I thought you would be. It's so annoying.

the main characters name is Don Hamm.


I really should check your archives before buying books. Ugh. I just finished reading this one (two years later!), and I was annoyed with the book for similar reasons. Both main characters were so annoyingly bratty that it was really hard to care about either one of them. The writing seemed at times to be trying too hard. Sigh.


Oh, too bad! If you haven't read Boy Toy, though, you might want to give that one a go -- it's fantastic.

The main character's last name definitely isn't "Hamm". When it says near the end that Fanboy's mother's baby is "fetal Mia Hamm", they're comparing her to the soccer player, not saying that her name will be Mia Hamm ...

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