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04 April 2006


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What I enjoyed about the Penderwicks is how old-fashioned it was in theme yet current in writing. Did this take place fifty years ago? Yesterday? You can't tell. The problem with some the good books that we grew up with is that the language and writing style is so dated that they are an immediate turn off to today's kids. This book gives today's kids what we got in our day - a nice, gentle, real-life adventures, story - but without the reference to the icebox. So, no, it's not new in theme, but among all of the angst books, and techno-adventure books, and Snicket copies, it's a nice break (hey, not that I don't like angst, techno-adventure, and Snicket).


There were a few modern references -- the one that immediately springs to mind was the Katerine Paterson mention -- but I know what you mean. It felt timeless. I don't have an issue with old-fashioned stories at all, and I thought it was totally enjoyable. It was nice to read a book that featured a dog that lived, too.

I just didn't think it was super special.

Colleen Mondor

This is funny - I also read the Penderwicks and thought it was very sweet and fun in an Elizabeth Enright sort of way but I maintain that Walter Dean Myers was robbed! I think "Autobiography of My Dead Brother" should have won! ha!

I almost think they went for the Penderwicks as some knee jerk reaction about what adults want kids to read. And it was a good book, just not the best one I read or the most amazing. And that's what annoys me about awards, they play it safe too much.


YES. I am with you. I think that the Newbery has been especially guilty of that recently.

PS. Well, I'm mostly with you. Except that Chris Lynch totally beat WDM's ass, but that's okay.

Lilian li

I loved the Penderwicks=)

Lilian li

I loved the Penderwicks=)


i cannot find a single website that can explain to me all the themes, motifs, and symbols in this book! Not even sparknotes was helpful. I'm very confused.

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