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20 May 2006


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The Awakening? Are you kidding? (Sadly, I realize that you are not. Nor is she.)


The Botany of Desire? Because it dicusses marijuana? I bought it today (I was going to read when it came out in hardcover, but forgot about until I saw here).


I have been wondering for ages when someone was going to challenge Freakonomics. If you haven't read the book, (and you should, really you should) there is a whole chapter that statistically ties in the current lower crime rate with the availability of abortion about 20 years ago. Super Controversial, you might say, but I have not heard much about it - really anywhere. I am not giving the theory a stamp of approval, but it is an interesting concept and worth thinking about in an intelligent way - assuming you want to think and assuming you find intelligence a virtue.


"assuming you want to think and assuming you find intelligence a virtue."

If only... I read a good critique of that argument somewhere fairly recently; New Republic?

Little Willow

And so it goes.

Really, people, at least READ something before you rant about it/try to ban it.

Gregory K.

You gotta love seeing Beloved on this list so close in time after being named the NYT best novel of the last 25 years. Two lists, two utterly different ways of thinking about literature....


I hate to say 'these people', but THESE PEOPLE!!! argh. The ones that get me really are the ones who don't bother to read the books. Talk about uninformed decisions.


Who wants to bet that the only book she owns is a Rachael Ray cookbook?

Lady S

I have read "The Awakening", "Slaughterhouse-5", and "Beloved", I guess the rest are going on my list to read (I am working on the ALA's most challenged list). I hated "Slaughterhouse-5" and "Beloved", but I would never tell you you couldn't read it. What the #@!! is her problem? I bet she has read all the books in the "Left Behind" series.


The Things they Carried? They really are Know-Nothings.


Ah ... Ignorance is bliss. She must be very happy.

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