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23 May 2006


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We read Clan of the Cave Bear outloud in my 9th grade World History class. I just had to bring that up. Mr. Seymour rules.


isn't clan of the cave whatever a dirty dirty sex book? And isn't it a terrible movie starring Daryl Hannah?


Ha! We watched the Clan of the Cave Bear movie in an upper-level anthropology seminar in university.


No wonder they want to challenge Clan of the Cave Bear, what with it being a "dirty, dirty sex book". I haven't been able to bring myself to read it. I've checked it out of the library twice and renewed it all the allowable times without ever cracking the cover open. Now that I know it's a "dirty dirty sex book" and on the top of somebody's naughty list, I'm going to have to give it another try. I laugh in the face of censorship! HA!


The Power of One (abridged), by Bryce Courtenay???

Why? This Author spends his free time trying to get young people to read. His books are designed to get people into novels. OH! I missed the point! This School noard member is against education. Ah. It makes sense....

I amlso laugh in the face of censorship!


I tried very hard to read all the way through "Clan of the Cave Bear." I got about 3/4 of the way but, wow, is it depressing. Just about every horrible thing happens to that poor girl.

But I guess there are worse fates than being adopted by Neanderthals. You could run for school board in Hernando County, Florida.


So, in other words, if people challenge one book at the time you'll be OK? Or maybe you just don't think the very people who are forced by the government to fund government schools and government libraries should not have the right to decide how their money is spent?

Because a book is made into a movie, it doesn't make it appropriate to minor children. "Caligula" from Gore Vidal was made it into a movie; it didn't make it more appropriate for minor children!

Now, censorship? Are books censored in the US? Where? I know (and all librarians and the ALA know) books are indeed banned in Cuba and communist countries. Yet I don't see the same hysterical claims of “censorship" rightfully applied to the commies! Why is that? Maybe it's because you are too busy throwing mud at Christians. Besides, how many times teachers are giving the Bible to their children to read? Are they “censoring” the Bible? I guess you might see the absurdity of your argument.

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