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08 May 2006


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Fuse #8

I haven't been able to finagle a copy of "Black Duck" away from anyone, but I can tell you that it is THE number one book amongst my colleagues at the moment. They adore it. They sing its praises. I need to read it ASAP. Thanks for reviewing it.


It's fab. Not so much for the reluctant reader set, due to the changes in rhythm -- and due to JTL's writing style in general, I think -- but it'll be a good one for historical fiction fans, mystery fans, friendship story fans, people who just plain love good books, etc...

She's so rad. Afternoon of the Elves? So wonderful. And creepy.


I reviewed this one back in February - I think - for my column at Bookslut. Since my father grew up in RI I was pretty intrigued by the whole description of life back then. Who knew that little RI could be so exciting? Mostly though I was just so happy to find an exciting historical drama for boys - I'm always excited to find that. I liked tht JTL didn't shy away from letting the book get messy so it didn't come across as fake or "disneyfied".

Good Review!


Mmm... duck.


i like the book


you,re stipid

hahaha books

ploy diagram?

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