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17 May 2006


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That was awesome.


It just made me so mad. I felt like vomiting on the keyboard. Which, in a sense, is what I did.


I've seen The Craft at least 5 times.


God, I hate "Infinite Jest."


Wow. Sounds like I would hate it to. Thanks for the heads up.


i want to tell you that i just finished the book and i loved it. yes agree all you want and the fact that i am really slow at these things and that there is a definate gap between my comment and the others. but... i really liked the book. i found the product placement kinda annoying near the end, but im a fashion junky, so it made me have the clear image of that missoni printed dress, or the dior cigarette pants... it's intriguing. whatever... i liked it!

Cadunka Dunk

I haven't read the book, but have been comtemplating reading for a while. At amazon there are view who don't like this book, so it is good to find a honest book review and I love the way you describe it. Thanks


i just finished this book today and i completely agree with you, this book annoyed the crap out of me the whole time and it was so long for going almost nowhere, but unfortuanately now that i have read it i will definately read the second one out sheer obligation


i personally find the book intriguing. i love vampire novels and i do not find a problem with the description and what not. it's a certain type of novel that doesn't appeal to everybody.


Okay, I bought the book and read it too. And although my view of it isn't as harsh as yours, I admit it isn't the nicest book one could fall for. I would probably buy the sequels though. I don't like not finishing something after I have started it, even if it is kinda crappy.


I Loved the book. And I thought the Fallen angels was a good idea. New twist on the vampire stories are better then hearing the same thing over and over again. BTW If you read the First on you have to read the Second one because it's way better. You learn more about Schuyler, the Force Twins, and The silver bloods.

Isabella Rose

I personally completely disagree with your comments. I know that everyone is entitled to their own opinions and that is why I think you are a bit to harsh on the book. I am involved in drama and the description of all the characters interested me, not made me what to put it down. Not all people who read Infinite Jest are in The Land of Obnoxious ... that is basically categorizing every person on earth and is a horrible and mean thing to say. Just because those type of people bother you doesn't mean they will bother everyone else. Apparently, you have never had a friend that was close enough to you to be able to finish your sentences because if you did, it wouldn't have bothered you about the characters but would have brought you closer to them. I don't consider it to be a Gothic book. Just because it involves vampires and has a different story line does not mean it is goth, thats kind of like saying that all vampire books are Gothic books, which is definitely not the case, I loved the idea of the fallen angels thing and was actually sucked into the book even more because of it. Her idea of saying that Schuyler shopped at thrift stores was not to decrease the brand names, but to show how differently she dressed from Mimi and Bliss. With your description of the book, I understand why you didn't like it. Yes, I know you finished reading it, but even by saying that you should have put it down once is not giving it a chance. You can't judge a book by its cover and you definitely can't judge a book until after you have finished it. Maybe if you weren't so closed minded about the book in the beginning you would have been able to enjoy it more. I personally love the book and I am sorry that you don't feel the same way.





Isabella Marie Swan



okay so i totally have to disagree with you obviously this book was made for teenagers and i know this was just your opinion you were a little harsh and if you thought the book was so bad why didnt you put it down and stop reading it? i for one loved the book and all of the characters and suggest that people who did read the first one and enjoyed it should read the second one.


i think that this book was amazing. i read the first book then the second. your comments were extreamly harsh. when i was reading your comment i felt like you were trying to hate the book...kinda sad. anyways like many other people said if you like the first book read the second, and if you didn't like the first book i still think you should still read the second because it has a lot more things happening in it and a lot more character information and it is really good as well...and the falling angles think was really good!!!


pfft. welcome to Critic Wannabes, everyone.
why dont you ACTUALLY go read a book
instead of harping about one.
honestly. people like you make me sick.
never read a book and try to understand it.
read it
dont like it.
we got it.
it's people like you that drive kids away from books and into video games.


I read this book, and i really tried to be fair and tell myself it wasnt THAT bad, but this review really just highlighted all the rediculously stupid aspects of this book. The main characters are ALL dull and unrelatable, as well as the plot. Some 15 year-old chic gets pulled aside in the hall and is randomly called to be the new face for a jean commercial? Please. Archangel Michael is a vampire???? and people have a problem with Harry Potter?? This author had better hope not too many people like her book, cuz if it hits the mainstream people will be screaming for her blood. <--haha i didnt even mean to do that.


You want a vampire story? Read Anne Rice, or Stephanie Meyer, even. you want New York socialites preening for each other and having sex at parties? Watch Gossip Girl.


i really did like this book and the sequel. i think this review is way too harsh on it. This obviously wasn't your type of book so stop dissing it and try to look at the positives of it. It was intended for young adults and your obivously not one. While it's not Pride and Prejudice my favorite novel it was still a good read. I don't think this review does this book justice because it only focuses on the supposed negatives of the book. Over all I think that this book was really interesting and I couldn't put it down. It still might not be for everyone. READ TWILIGHT! by Stephanie Meyer at Stephaniemeyer.com

dana meehan

I really did love this book, it was intense, dramatic, and extremely hot! The second one is even better! But I was wondering when is the third one going to be in stores and does anyone else know any good vampire books?


Alright, I first read this book in...October, 2007? Well as I started to read it, it seemed dry at the start, then slowed grasped my attention, I had never read a book by her and the idea of the fallen angels being the vampires really intrigued me. As I read the second book, I learned the names of some of the angels and they stuck, and it made more sence, hell, my little sister (age 10) was proud of me for knowing the name, being the religous-nut she has become. It does, at times seem forcibly written, but it also is hard to put down at times, I had to renew the book multiple time, simply because I would be offended at how often I couldn't understand what had happened, mostly at the fashion terms and all that jazz, but I got over it and continued to read it. On another note, ragging on a book because it did not tickle your fancy is not a 'nice' thing to do. Sure, I am probably WAY put of place saying this, seeing as I do it to, but you can't you say it gently? If I find a book out of my interest, and that happens alot, mind you, and someone asks about it, I simply state, "It didn't appeal to me" and tell them to find their own opinion about it. I am age fifteen, and my spelling probably shows it, but I try as hard as I can to encourage others to read, so posting things about a book that could eliminate the interest I am trying to fuel is not a 'nice' thing to do. And by quoting nice, I mean not 'smart', really, because it's how you get people to dislike you. I respect your opinion and will not force mine on anyone, so try to do the same, please.


Oh, and Miss Dana?
A good vampire book series I read was 'Cirque du Freak', by Darren Shan, alittle bloody and gory at times, but good and attention holding at all times.

And the third, to my knowledge, is to be called "Revelations" and comes out Fall 2008.


wats the sequel?


it's Masquerade


when is the thrided book coming out

jade vans

i read the book and loved it it was a lot questionable 4 my religion but i couldnt put it down i read the first and second some good vampire books i heard are twilight and series, vampire academy, and blue bloods the other best series that is not vampire is the clique series


At first it was alittle boring, then it started to grab my attention. I thought that the way the author described the characters was awsome, and i can see that with Mimi she was going for the "every girl should want to be me" type thing. And to read about an outcast was actually really cool considering there aren't to many people who write about them ( especially the "gothic" type". There were a few things about it i didn't like but no author is perfect.Over all it is an awsome book and you should definetley read the sequel!


ummmm i read all the books and they were wayyy awsome so plz do not be a hater.
u dont like the book thats fine but know one wants to hear about it..... plz SHUT THE HELL UP!!!
thnksz 4 hearing me out :)


that was quite harsh. i've read it and i loved it. the beginning was boring, sure, but that's (in my opinion) how most books start---boring. but it gets more interesting. that's all


lol @ teenage fangirls

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