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18 May 2006


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Sold. Especially if it's like Winn-Dixie minus the dog. "I'll take one Winn-Dixie, hold the dog please."


Oh, good. I was a bit concerned that my love for the book rendered me completely unintelligible.

Just in case it matters, it's geared older than BoWD, too. And it's really different. It just made me feel the same way.


Ok, I've read not a few reviews/personal takes on this book. Yours actually made me want to move it up like 20 spots in the pile 'o books. (That's actually saying a lot!) ;)

Erin I

So, does the library have Defining Dulcie????? or will I never get to read that book either.:)


Yes, we do. Would you like me to put it on hold for you?


I thought "Dulcie" was great as well - I reviewed it over at Eclectica Magazine this issue. (eclectica.org/v10n2/review_list.html). One of my favorite parts of the book was the postcards that Dulcie sent when she was traveling cross country and all the funky places she stopped in. Acampora really revealed a lot about his character by showing her choices in tourist destinations. I also thought it was cool how hard she worked, and how much she loved the work she did. This was an excellent book (like you said) and so unique. I loved it.

Erin I

Yes. Thak you

Erin I

that would be, Thank You


No problem-o, my dear. It'll be here for you.


I just got this book yesterday, and I can't wait to read it. I'm not sure if I'm going to like it much, but I'm excited to find out. :]

hey cool my name is dulcie

what would be another name for this book


ok i need help i have to do a project in school with defining dulcie and i dont have the book but i need it so ive been looking on the internet to see if i could just read it on the internet but it wont let me if i dont read the book ill fail big time this counts for half of my grade oif u know a website that i can go to to read it plzzz plzzz tell me ty


ok i have to read this book for book club and summer reading- BUT for book club, i still have to get it and it's in a week. i need to no how ling the book is so i can figure out how much time i need....can som one help? THNX! luv ya (probably the book 2):)


who are all the characters in the book and what is a breaf discription on all of them?

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