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08 May 2006


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Fuse #8

Just this time? When have we ever disagreed?
Oh right.... Tulane.
Well, let's just set about kicking "Love You Forever" into goo and we'll call it even. Now what are your thoughts on "Clair-de-Lune"....


You and I agree quite a lot, considering that we don't have a huge amount of reading crossover. Tulane was the only Big One that I can remember.

I still haven't read CdL -- but a friend did, and I think she really liked it.


That would be me; I'm still kind of ambivalent about it. My summary would be, "I liked it but I'm not sure if it's any good." Mostly I liked it because I still take my ballet classes very seriously, and I liked the way she handled the ballet theme. The rest of the book was kind of eh. Here's my full review: http://dancefirst.blogspot.com/2006/03/clair-de-lune.html


Ah. I guess I just remembered that you liked the ballet part. Maybe I was thinking of that other ballet book. Loved that one.

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