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24 May 2006


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Little Willow

Hurrah! I have been awaiting this title - based on the summary alone - for months, and now, it just needs to make its way to me...


I too, am intrigued with this book. However, while reading the beginning of your review I was suddenly reminded of that Avi graphic novel-type contraption. What was it called...er... City of Light, City of Dark. I doubt there's much similarity, but all the same, that's what came to mind.


I don't know that one -- I probably saw the name Avi on it and immediately avoided!

emo girl aka danielle

i love this book it rox!!!


I love KIKI STRIKE!!! It's one of the best books ever........ when I was at the bookstore, I didn't see it. It was in the back. But, as I walked past it three times, it kept falling off the shelf. So, I finally gave in and bought it, and it's good I did!!! Is it based on a true story? Because I can sense things, and last night I had a dream (one that comes true) and it had a picture of KIKI STRIKE and on the top it said "TRUE OR FALSE?" and "TRUE" popped out at me.... wierd huh? Well, I love this book, and I hope to see it with a reward.


I love the book! It’s one of the most interesting stories that is have ever read. Is this based on a real life because I went to Manhattan and I saw what was like a secret grave Yard like the Marble Cemetery. But I'm not for sure. It’s a really grate book I can't watie until the next book comes out this October.

grace chapman

This book is awesome!!!! Its my favorite book ever!! I just finished it this moring and i want the next one so bad!!


Kiki Strike is a suspensful that well not allow you to put down!


I absolutley love this book!!! I am supprised that it hasnt made it into most librarys and hasnt been extremely popular. I was at my closest library one day and the young adult section is extremely small. So I was walking around and I had already read (or had no intrest in) most of the books that I saw. Then I saw this one sticking out (because it was the only hard back book there)and I picked it up and checked it out. I started reading it the next week at camp and I fell in love with it. Every chance I got, My head was burried in it. Its one of the best books that I have ever read. In Language arts, I am doing this paper. We are supposed to be writing to Steven Speilberg and telling him about a great book that should be turned into a movie that he should direct/produce. I chose this book. As I am typing, my mother is going out to buy the book (and pre-order the 2nd one!!!). I am so excited. I really do hope it gets turned into a movie. And wouldnt it be wonderful if Steven Speilberg made it. It would be its best!


I really love this book the VERY BEST I've ever read!


i wuv that book soo much ps. i did it for a book report and got a REALLY good grade and it is such a good book


Kiki strike is the best book i have read in my life


im doing my book review on this book. i must find a good quote.

ps the second one's fabulos 2!


This Book Rocks! I readit and the sequal!
I have to say, though, it did remind me of "The City of Ember"


Does anyone know if there's going to be a new Kiki Strike after the Empresses Tomb? If you know please tell!!!!! I finished both of the books a while ago, but they were soooooooooooo good!


guys its been 2 YEARS! will there be another BOOK????????????? kiki strike is so cool but i've the books like four times!!!11111!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! does anybody know?

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