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12 May 2006


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YES! This was SO one of my favorites last year. Way to go with the sequel news, I can't belive that I missed that. V. Excited. The parasite chapters were wonderful - I almost didn't mind that they took me away from the action.


One of my regular patrons wandered in yesterday -- I just pointed at the book, asked her if she'd read it, she said no, I told her to, so she checked it out. She'll like it.

(I love it when people obey me.)


Peeps is one of those books that takes little to no effort to booktalk and then the kid comes back and says, "yeah, that was awesome and I gave it to my little brother and my best friend and they liked it too." That's so awesome.


I just bought this book last night online. I am so glad to find your review. Thank you.

Little Willow

Nowadays, a unique spin on the classic vampire story is hard to come by. Thankfully, Scott Westerfeld delivers with Peeps, which drips with snarky dialogue, well-researched diseases, and fresh twists.

In a more candid voice, now, let me say Westerfeld ROCKS, and I love, love, love the use of cats in this story.

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