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25 May 2006


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Little Willow

Thanks for the warning. I like the spy genre when done well, but this sounds like one to stay away from.


i actually really enjoyed this book. it has a thrill that is different from other books. Is more for the teenagers but has a good story line and makes you want to read more. this is a great spy genre and the author has great word descriptions that make you want to read more mabe a little slow to start with but it has a great middle and ending.

this book sucked balls


What the hell ?!?!?!?!?! This is one of my favourite books and though the dialogue can get boring and pointless it keeps up the pace and at the end of each book leaves you desperate for more. Anyone who disagrees isn't worth mentioning.


This is definatly one of the greatest books there is out there. And i dont know what is wrong with u people who say otherwise.


i love the themes in this book!

and i love all the interesting characters


What Is The Main Idea Because I got Confused?

wat happens i dont wanna read it

spring green

Best book ever. I think this site is made by another writter and can't do well without putting the names of other better writers in the dirt.


i just started reading it i'm like attached to book and it is so good




I REALLY liked this book and i even reviewed it on my teen book review web site: http://ateengirlsbookreview.webs.com/actionbookreviews.htm


Yeah, a lot of people really do love this series -- which is totally cool! I'm just in the minority this time around. (It happens to all of us at some time or another...)


actually this book is awsome! some bits are admittidley boring and confusing but you have to read on because it glues yours hands to the book! really good theme and background as well, so imaginaticve

No one

this is actually a good book. All u other people there who hate it are just plain pyschos. So what if it's a ripoff of Bond movies? Who cares? As long as it's good. And it is not stupid either. No other person has written a book like this.

Jane Smith

i really liked the first book. it was good. not the best but not awful or anything. in definately reading the second


this book was soooooo boring

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