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23 May 2006


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Jen Robinson

I completely agree! I've been recommending this book to everyone I know. Haven't quite been willing to pony up full price for the sequel, but I doubt I'll be able to resist much longer. Rick Riordan's adult stuff is excellent, too.


I love this one! I must get the 2nd.


Watch out for the hits, Leila! I get more hits from this book (especially for misspelled "Theif," because many of the commenters misspelled!).


I agree! Reading Lightning Thief, I was constantly struck by how Potter-like it was. It was a little distracting, and I kept wanting to not like it for that reason, but it was just so inherently loveable. Seems the author knew about the HP connection, since he put in an obvious reference to it at one point (anyone else spot it?). There was plenty in it that was unique to excuse it for being a bit Potterish, and the author has a great deal of wit. One of the jokes made me laugh out loud for at least a minute (it was the one about how Grover can only play two tunes on his Pan pipes, and one of them sounds an awful lot like Hillary Duff's So Yesterday).
I just really enjoyed this book. In fact, when called upon to recommend good books for a similar audience to Harry Potter at my last public appearance, I held up my copy of Lightning Thief and said; 'Try this one. It's sort of a Harry Potter clone... but it's still great'.


I love this book I read it with my class and its the best I cant wait to read the 2nd!!!! I also heard there is a third one coming out and that is great!!


It was the best book I ever read. I recommend this book to everyone. Even if you dont like to read!

Mckenna  Johnston

I loved the Lighting Thief!!! When I got the book I had another book, but it was so over due I had to turn it in. I couldn't get my head out of the Lighting Thief. I highly recommend it to adults and children. It's a book that has a story, but you never know whats going to happen next. I read it over and over again. It's a great book.


this book was horrible

sofie and tess dewulf

this book the teachers made us read
was horrid - Sofie
i think it was bad- tess


i dident read it


Im not a big reader guy buy i kept hearing this was a good book so i tried it out and after the first chapter i was totally hooked, it was greatly descriptive and very exciting.


i think that this book is really good. and everyone should read it.


When i read the first chapter i couldnt but it down right when i finished i read the 2 and 3 book totaly awesome good job

I love the lighting thief more than the next 2 book!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11


I like The Lightning Thief a lot, it's the best book I ever read! I got on your web site and I saw your new book covers and I think they're not very... cool. I'm 8 and I got your book because I thought the old cover was cool and I don't think people will buy the book with the new cover because it might look too scary to them. But above all, it's awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


i have read the first book many times because every time a new feeling sweeps over me. what is the name fo the second book?????


This is the best series of books I've ever read! They're so funny! My friends and I love them!!!! If you haven't read them, read them!



thts gay


Is Lighting Thief going to be a movie because I loved the book; I thought it was better than the 2 book.

mike meyers

I love this book. When i read it i feel like I am in the book with Grover and Percy when they go on there quest's.

Miranda Sherrell

if you have never read this book, then you are really missing out. how I found out about the lightning theif was, my teacher was reading it to use during 6th grade at the end of the year and she couldnt finish it, soooooo....... that means that's it always checked out at the library, just my luck! She did'nt get to the end . I am sooooo..... (how should I put this)anxious..... ya that's it, anxious, that's the word. Yes, I am very anxious to get my hands on this book. My mom and dad are tight on money, so we cant bye the book. yep. I'm in a rut here. Waaaaa..... But whatever. I still thought that the book was good during the reading of my teacher. the thing is though, I didn't hear the first part of the book because I was gone for four days in a row and I'm just like, Huh? were reading a new book already?That goes to show how good it is even though you dont know what's going on.
ya, well, That's what I have to say. Bye!

-miranda :o) (12 year old actress extrodinair!)


i love this book!!!


I LOVE this book! Can't wait for the movie!

krysdalia cruz

i like it to but i wish i could find the book since it was my teacher book... :(

Bob Jackson

the book is really good. and i mean EXTREMLY good. there is alot of action( witch i like). the 3rd 4th and 5th are realy good too. it is just the second one that wasnt really that good.

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