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30 May 2006


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frjhgjhrutgyghsejisgsrsflkzsdfi love these books


does anyone know whta happens at the end of book one i was at the part where they reach the island where gravers at then i lost the book...=( so anyone know? is u do please tell im dieing to read the third one


these books are a beast


i absolutly loved it best book in the world i couldnt put it down


ok so what happens is that they get to the island and have like an epic battle against the huge cyclopes. Then Tyson comes back saying that 'rainbow' the sea horse saved him. Then they all fight off the cyclopes. So then they are at the sea and they are riding the sea horses back to the Miami shore. So when they get there, they run into Luke and his henchmen. But Luke was too late because Clarrise was already on a plane with the fleece. So then when Luke was confessing that he poisened Thalia's tree, Percy threw a gold Drachma into a fountain without Luke seeing and the WHOLE camp heard his confession. So Mr. D let Chrion back into the camp. But Luke was about to kill Percy right then and there, so Chrion came and saved them all with the help of his Centaur friends scared Luke off. When they got back to camp, Grover woke Percy up after one of Percy's bad dreams and told him something bad happened while Annabeth was on lookout duty that night. So Percy rushed over there and found a lifeless girl laying next to Thalia's tree. When Percy reached the tree, everyone was surrounding him. But it wasn't Annabeth,(who was fine), it was Thalia. The fleece worked so well, Thalia came back to life. Meanwhile, Tyson said that posideon came into his dream and told him to got and live in the sea and learn to be a good cyclopes and help the sea horses. Tyson accepts.


Rick is making a new book called the SON OF NEPTUNE

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