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04 May 2006


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I just got done reading this book yesterday. I had the same reaction to it. It was an alright book but there were too many things that just didn't make sense. But he only had 2 mill. in a trust fund. It was 6 mill. including all the other kids money. but ...

first... when "agent suttles" came in. and he really thought it was him. The agent said he needed evidence. But Oz didn't say anything.. like he hadnt already found a body in the woods.. or a folder in the filing drawer of trust funds. But that didn't matter because it didn't end up being a real agent anyway.

and at the end. He acted like he was fine with that camryn girl taking over a million of his money and then being so grateful to give him 700 thousand. I would have been like .. You screwed me .. im reporting you and getting my money back.

&& then I got confused at the end. Camryn was one of the bad people .. abel or w.e. then martin shugrue was the other one.. but who was the third one. the agent? because dr. kinnear and mrs. kinnear were actually brother and sister. and don was in it for part of the money too.

jakira rogers

i kno this isagoodbookimalmost dunn but im at the partwhen hes runnig from the dogs @ the very endon page 207

adrian sanderson

i just read this book like a week ago & my crazy teacher makin me do a book report about it if you want im goin 2 ppostt the url for you people 2 check it out on my fb page.

Tyler Rachel

i have to agree with sarah i mean he dousent menchion anything about the body or trust funds i think alot of the book was just rushed but besides that i sorta wished that i knew someone like camryn she just seems.... unique to other characters in books ive read

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