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02 June 2006


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The most frustrating bit for me was always remembering that they'd only been on the stupid island like 2 weeks. I stopped watching about 3 episodes into the 2nd season because of the relentless commercials. I'll Netflix the DVDs.


That's how we've been doing it -- we have no cable and no reception, so that's the only way we watch television -- commercial-free but always a year behind.


And their legs stay perfectly smooth, too! They have miracle hair!


Maybe they have all had all their hair lasered off?

I am really excited about season two being available soon! It is super hard to turn off your ears when people talk about it.


I've never seen the show, but I'm pretty sure that the lack of hair is a big clue to what's going on. I heard that the island is run by a race of super-intelligent-giant-hamsters, and they have found a way to use human hair* to make toupees for balding super-intelligent-giant-hamsters. So they harvest the eye and leg hair at night and ship it off to their manufacturing plant.

*clearly not all hair. Just leg and eyebrow.

Electric Landlady

Bikini lines and underarms are likewise OMGperfect. It's quite staggering.

Fuse #8

Let's not forget that Lost has the most consistent children's literature references of any other show on television. Check out the two books Sawyer reads in the first season for clues on how the show's going to go.

But yeah. The armpit hair is amazingly short, I'll grant you that. I couldn't get over the clothes either. They're always so clean!


Yeah... so this conversation has netted some rather disturbing Amazon ads...



Jen Robinson

I do love the literature references on Lost. I love that Sawyer is such a jerk, but sits around reading children's books, too.

As for the hair situation, I have noticed that, too. And aren't they running out of toothpaste by now?


I loved it that Sawyer (even though, yes, he's a jerk) read Watership Down -- it might even shame me into finally reading it.

Oh, wait. No it won't.

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