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23 June 2006


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_Enchantress from the Stars_ is awesome. I can almost guarentee you will like it much, much more than JBW.


The aspects I didn't like didn't even come CLOSE to overshadowing the ones I did, so I'll be reading Enchantress from the Stars very, very soon.

Journey Between Worlds was Engdahl's first novel (or at least, her first sci-fi novel), right? If nothing else, it was a super first try -- I know I've already said this multiple times, but Melinda's voice was top-notch.


I agree- you'll love Enchantress. It's one of my all-time favorites. And the new edition with the Dillon interiors is just spectacular. Um... I guess that came out about 6 years ago. Hmm... not so new then, huh?

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